Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Hi, my name is Shahaf. This is my first post, as you can see... I wanted to open a blog so I did it! but, seriously, I wanted to open my own blog because I like fashion.  I saw some web sites and it seems to be really cool that there are a lot of  people who blog down their thoughts.

I don't really know how to name it so I would appreciate your ideas and your comments :)

I like boyfriend jeans.
I just like everything about them: they are comfortable, they go with everything and they look good.
I matched them with black sneakers, a black cap, and a tight colorful top to add in some color.
Black, White and Gray are great colors, and they are easy to match, but don't forget to add a splash of color to brighten everything up.

cap: H&M
top: H&M
jeans: twentyfourseven
shoes: vans


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