Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Summer vacation and Fashion

Hi! Today I am on lazy day, And I am bored...It's hard to say that, but this is true:All the year we are waiting for the summer vacation, thinking that we are are going to enjoy every moment, but when it comes, you can not do anything because "it's too hot outside".

and also, all the fun places you wanted you'll go, is full with people so this is not as fun as you thought it will be. 

but I have some plans, because I am NOT going to waste all the vacation sitting in my house, even if there is an air conditioner (and there IS an air conditioner...) but I was bored today 

so.... I decided to write a post :)

I think this look is cute. The combination between the skirt and the hair bun makes me feel like a little gentle doll. This look is the summer version for black and white look. I have to say that actually, I don't like the combination between blue, yellow and green, but somehow- it works in this skirt.\

necklace: topten

top: FOREVER21

skirt: FOREVER21

shoes: Lee Cooper


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