Friday, July 22, 2016

wear what you want


I am sorry I didn't write this week.I didn't had time  and I thought I will post but this week past soooo fast! then, yesterday I realized that we are in the weekend. also I worked on a sewing project (the skirt). and this is the hardest project I EVER had. I didn't worked with tulle, and I have to say that this is a slippery fabric!

I am really proud of myself!
the skirt turns out pretty good!
this skirt is special and a lot of girls are afraid of wearing special clothes. I think this us really cool, and it's makes you feel and look confident so... why not?
to be honest: I am NOT wearing it for a street walk .....
but in the photos it doesn't look weird or crazy. so just wear what you want and if someone is judging you- do a murderous face, and see if he would dare to judge someone again :)

top: pull&bear
jacket: pull&bear
skirt: I sew it
shoes: twentyfourseven
rings: accessories
backpack: gucci


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