Saturday, July 16, 2016

"the bag"

Hi :)

yesterday I were at the mall. I like the mall (and I am not the only girl who like the mall, am I right?)

Tons of clothes, bags, shoes and accessories can make any girl\woman happy. (well... almost any...)

anyway, as I said, I were at the mall. I  walked and looked at all this clothes and bags and then...

 I saw "the bag" that you can see in the picture, and I wanted to get it. REALLY wanted to get it. so... I got it ;)and I decided to post here about it.

As you can see, this bag Grabs attention.  I wanted to wear with it "calm" clothes, so the outfit will match to  regular days. black sneakers, black skirt (this is a FAKE leather) black T shirt, white jacket and gold watch. sounds boring but somehow- this is not boring.

watch: casio

shirt: lacoste

jacket:  benzin

skirt: I sew it (if you want I can make a tutorial)

sneakers: vans

bag: springfield 


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