Wednesday, August 31, 2016

real back to school

Hi! now I can really say  that this is the end of the summer break.

I have mixed feelings about the beginning of the school year. I don't like going to school because it's boring and it's making me sad but I am want going to school because I'll meet my friends every day. I am also happy because of the dance class that I am learning in is starting soon :)

school uniforms are annoying. In the school I am learning in we need just plain T shirts with the school symbol. I don't care about the plain T shirts (I also don't really like it but this is not the annoying thing.)  the symbol is the annoying part. I think this is a money waste, because we need to get this shirt, but no one want's to wear them when he isn't in school. so, if there is no symbol, we have no problem to wear them also when we are not in school and then we will not buy symbol
T shirts and also plain T shirts.

jacket: castro
jeans: castro
sneakers: nike
bag: gucci



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