Sunday, August 28, 2016

DIY choker necklace

I made this choker necklace and I want to share with you how to make it. you can also make a different design.
I really like how it looks and this is easy to make.
to make this necklace you need:

a fabric ribbon (I chose black but you can choose and color you want)

2 little rings that you can open and close with a plier 

( I dont know how it's called LOL)

Little rings (like the upper ones but smaller, and this time you will need 6-8

2 ribbon clamps

a jump ring

  thread and  a needle


 some stone beads (I used this necklace that I cut)
and a plier that I forgot to take a picture of it... ;(

The first thing you nee to do is to wrap the ribbon around your neck in 1 circle and mark where the circle is complete. cut the ribbon on the line of your marking.

then take the piece that you measured pinch each side to fit into the ribbon clamps. (you don't need the rest of the ribbon, you need to have one piece of ribbon.

stitch on the top of the ribbon to close it so the ribbon will not unravel. 

Then press on the ribbon clamp with the plier.
Do the same thing in the other side.

take one of the bigger rings and use the plier to connect it to the ribbon clamp. do the same in the other side.
(in the photo there is 2 more rings because this is the next step.)

take the smaller rings and use the plier to connect them to each other and to the bigger ring. use 6-8 of these)
in the other side connect the jump ring to the big ring.

This is how it looks like:

This is the best part:
decorate your necklace. I did stone beads design but you can do anything you want. (as I said before)
so for the stone bids necklace you need to place the beads on your choker how you like it

Then stitch the bids to the choker (you can use glue if you prefer)

and... you are done :)


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