Monday, July 11, 2016

different denim

Hi! :)

Today I wanted to wear something different... This isn't look that different, girls in my age doesn't wear this pattern of pants...   so this IS special.

anyway... if you see my hair and asking yourself "what is that?!" so, yes I colored him but this is absolutely NOT the color I wanted to get! 

this is too light! and it doesn't look like the picture I showed the hairstylist... I am sad about it ;(  But I'll stop writing about it, because this is disappointing and this is not the point...

I have an idea to make a post about celebs so, if you like the idea comment me and also write who is you favorite celeb, so I can copy one of his/hers outfits. you can see this is a denim outfit.

I like denim in all it's shapes and patterns.

 denim jackets, denim pants, denim shirts, denim bags... 

and this list is very long.

jacket: castro

top: forever21

pants: forever21

dance sneakers: bloch


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