Saturday, July 9, 2016

zoo day

Hi! Yesterday I was at the zoo with my family. I usually don't like the zoo, because there are lot of people and they don't really care about the animals, they are feeding them, and trying to get into the cages.But yesterday, we went to the zoo in the morning. before it was opened. And it is amazing!

 we ordered places before, because this is personal. we started from feeding the animals. My sister and I rode on the feeding tractor, because there were two places.

we were so close to the animals! The rhino were a few centimeters away! He was so big and cute :)

then we went to the Giraffes cage, and we feed them with our hands! we took some leaves and feed them. we also feed the monkeys and we watched the lions (but we were in our car).

so... I wanted to show you what I wore...

This outfit is comfortable, so you can walk with it to places than you know you'll stand and walk.

(by the way, this orange thing is my handsome dog, his name is "fox")

It's really basic, there isn't anything smart or special, but sometimes you just want to wear something calm and fun without planning before.I like this sneakers, because they just look like its hard to match them a outfit, but this is really easy, actually because of the colors, you can wear with it black white and gray, but also any color you want, because they are so colorful.

choker: topten

top: hoodies

overall: H&M

sneakers: asics



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