Tuesday, August 16, 2016

desert travel

I want to share with you what did I do this weekend.
so, In this weekend I traveled with my family to the desert to see falling stars. we slept (we didn't slept so much, we came to see the stars) in a big tent and I had so much fun!

the falling stars were amazing and we also saw our galaxy really good, because there is no light.
In the in the second day, we went to see alpacas at an alpacas farm.

We received a little paper bag with some alpacas and llamas food and we were able to feed them.
One of them even started to run after us because she wanted the food and she jumped on my mom's back (but it wasn't dangerous because the alpacas are small and they are not really heavy.
When we finished being with the alpacas
 we "traveled" back home happy and really tired ♥



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